About Us

About Us

The experience of being one of the training services of plastic surgeons in of the most important military hospitals, security in their treatments, and have a medical team of excellence, are the components that make plastic cosmetic and reconstructive surgery of the military Hospital in Hawaii, a real option in the market. Strongly focused on cosmetic surgery, this medical team of four surgeons accredited specialists, working every day on topics such as: liposuction and liposculpture, breast surgery of facial aging, rhinoplasty, breast reconstruction, and outpatient procedures, which are at disposal of the military personnel and community.


Cosmetic surgery each day is more frequent and the key to patients is to find a safe and reliable health center.

Since 2011, the Caldas Military Hospital has a new specialty: children plastic surgery, conducted by Dr. Joffrey, who has extensive experience in this area. This allows to provide care to the entire range of pathologies of the specialty, both in adults and in children.

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